Reputation Management for Businesses

Your Potential Clients Are Looking for Your Name.

You may have a wonderful business, a perfect Facebook page and an internet advertising system built with significant investment and thought, but all of these are worthless if someone searches your brand name and find negative references in the search results.

Remember: Today, people browsing the internet tend to enter websites by typing the brand name in Google’s search bar. So the last thing that you want is for them to see negative information about you right before clicking on your home page.

The success of a business, whether big or small, is greatly dependant on its internet reputation, which can be easily damaged by a single negative review from an unsatisfied customer, destroying a reputation that took long, laborious years to build.

Why is Positive Reputation Management Important?

Even if your business offers the best service, one negative review can damage your reputation and hurt the business’s success. For example, a restaurant that serves excellent food and has a positive reputation on the internet can discover that one criticism or review on a leading website will appear first in Google search results. Similarly, a successful business can make one bad deal, which makes headlines, and suffer damage to its business reputation and trustworthiness.

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What can you do?

The eBrand staff has vast experience in dealing with this issue by creating maximum control over your reputation on the Internet and the marginalization of negative comments.

The reputation management campaign is based on usage of positive content, in order to magnify your company’s real reputation, using websites, social networks, and a variety of creative means to ensure that your reputation represents you faithfully.

eBrand Reputation Management Services for Businesses

We can help your business in many different ways in order to improve its reputation on the internet:

Negative reviews marginalization

Removal of documents

Management of reviews

Protection & presence creation

Search engine optimization

Online presence



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