Reputation Management for Immigration Agencies and Companies

Your Potential Clients Are Looking for Your Name.

There are many people in the world who are interested in immigrating to other countries – either to build a new life there or to work or study. Most often, the requested countries are the United States, Canada and Australia. In this sought-after field, there are many companies that assist candidates in the process, to increase their chances of getting the long-awaited visa to the destination country.

This is a very competitive market, and the companies that offer the services related to immigration, do so in several channels, offer new ‘products’ and accompany the candidates. They know that many people around the world search for their brand name in various search engines, primarily Google. Of course, from an Internet point of view, it is very important for these companies to maintain a positive reputation, in order to create a good first impression and increase trust in the eyes of the customer.

Therefore, it is natural that immigration companies and agencies whose reputation is important to them, make sure to carry out online reputation management on an ongoing basis. We at eBrand Online Reputation Management know the field and its complexity very well and provide these companies with diverse reputation management services: from tracking Google search results to alerts on new reviews and cooperation in dealing with them.

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The Challenges of Immigration Companies That May Damage Online Reputation

The field is supervised by local authorities – in the destination countries, there are government bodies designed to supervise immigration or the visas granted to those who come from other countries. For example, in Canada it is the IRCC and in the United States it is the Bureau of Consular Affairs which is under the U.S. Department of State. Immigration agents and companies working in the field must adhere to all the rules and regulations in these countries. A deviation from them, even a very small one, may lead to negative publications on the net regarding them.

Thousands of searches of the brand name per month – in many countries, and especially in the countries defined as ‘third world countries’, there are millions of citizens who are interested in improving the quality of their lives and increasing their opportunities. This is possible for them through the various immigration programs, mainly to the United States, Canada and Australia. Therefore, naturally, there are many searches around the various immigration programs in each of the countries – and of course thousands of searches for the companies dealing with services in the field of immigration.

Exposure to reviews and opinions of thousands of people – in direct continuation of the previous section, the many people who are interested in these services and establish contact with the companies involved in the field, ask questions and even respond to others on questions that have appeared online. In case of a positive service experience, positive reviews may be left. However, when the service experience is not good, regardless of the final result of the procedure, any potential customer of those companies may leave a negative review. This can happen on platforms like Google Business Profile, Facebook or specific service rating platforms. Our experience at eBrand indicates that the chance of leaving a negative review is very high, sometimes only due to the fact that the candidate does not meet the basic criteria for the visa he is interested in.

Many index websites in the field of immigration – there are many review websites on the net, including seemingly neutral websites, such as TrustPilot. However, there are essentially negative websites, such as ComplaintsBoard, which invite users to write complaints about certain companies. Such websites exist in many languages. Many websites, especially in the field of immigration, deal with the question of whether the companies related to immigration are legit or not – and may also publish negative information about those companies.

Extremely strong competition – from our experience we learned that in the field of immigration there is competition between the different companies. We at eBrand provide online reputation management services to companies and agencies dealing with immigration – and we witness that sometimes some of the negative reviews, or even some of the sites that publish negative information about the companies – are not objective and are intended to harm competitors. It is very important to be aware of this and make sure to manage the reputation on an ongoing basis.

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What Solutions Do We Offer?

Tracking the search results – to understand the image of the company’s internet reputation, we track the search results once a day, according to different locations and in different languages, using an advanced system. This allows us to better understand the situation and the challenges ahead.

Determining a strategy for action – after understanding the situation, we will offer practical ways of action for implementation. It is important to note that the impact on the search results as part of reputation management on the Internet takes a long time, especially if it is about old and well-known immigration brands that are searched on the Internet by many people. If it is a new brand that we accompany its launch, the strategy will be maximum control of the search results.

Management of multiple platforms – as part of an online reputation management activity, we manage the profiles on known platforms, such as X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, YouTube and many other platforms – with the aim of making them appear in a high position in the search results.

Creating positive content – The content is one of the most important elements in online reputation management activities. We produce countless contents on the topic of immigration that are specifically adapted to each brand, and which are used during the activity.

Ongoing optimization actions – in order to lead the internet assets we manage to the most leading positions in the search results, we perform optimization actions designed to improve the performance of our assets and prove themselves over time.

Alert – delivering an alert to customers when a new web page with the brand name comes up. In other cases, it is a notification when there is a positive or negative change on a certain web page containing the brand name. This enables a quick response in real time to any case.

Monitoring and control – examining the trends in the search results and summarizing them through detailed reports, with explanations and recommendations for further action. We also maintain regular communication with our customers. Together, depending on the search results, we work to improve the reputation.

We at eBrand offer a variety of reputation management solutions for companies and agencies in the field of immigration. Over the years we have learned how vital it is to maintain online reputation in this area and how much it may affect existing and future transactions. Our immigration experience makes the difference! Contact us today for information about the service.
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