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Since the internet took over our modern lives and Google became the main avenue for information, providing details and information on specific people and companies, content became the main ingredient in every marketing or online reputation management campaign. The reason for this is that content is one of the main parameters by which Google examines, and according to which it chooses whether to advance a page to the first search results.

What is Quality Content?

What is content and what is quality content? The Google search engine divides the content found on the internet into higher and lower quality content, according to which it ranks the various pages. In order to know what quality content is and how to create it according to the parameters Google examines, you need professionals. eBrand’s content specialists have vast experience in advancing websites and managing reputations, and understanding the latest innovations in search engines, while basing themselves on an action plan for advancing and managing one’s current reputation.

Why choose eBrand to manage your ORM with?

Why Should You Choose eBrand?

Experienced professionals in writing quality content
Creation of content suited specifically to your business field
Vast knowledge in a variety of fields for content creation

When dealing with a reputation management campaign, you must use creative, original, relevant, realistic, and interesting content related to the brand or personality whose reputation you wish to advance. At eBrand, there are experienced and creative content specialists who know how to create a wide variety of quality content that integrates text, video, presentations, animations, and more.

We know how to adapt the content to the desired campaign and to manage your reputation exactly as you want to in order to have maximum control over how you look on the internet. Similarly, our content specialists know how to adapt the content to specific internet platforms, since the content that you post on a blog or on Facebook must be original and differ from one another.

In addition, at eBrand there are intelligent, experienced content specialists who have wide knowledge in a variety of fields (real estate, economics, legal, medical, culture, entertainment, and more), and are thus able to provide content services to a very wide variety of customers.

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