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Studies published in the last few years have found that 56% of people surfing the internet admit that they look up their name on Google, and 15% of them find negative references. What is a negative reference? It can be anything: starting from an article that was published about your behavior at your place of work, suspicion of any kind that arose towards you, either unsubstantiated or involving the reveal of personal details through legal documents uploaded to the internet. In short, it can be anything that you would rather not appear under your name in search results.

In what way can the information about you on Google cause you harm?

A person’s name precedes them, and negative reviews of someone can harm their reputation, especially when it comes to the internet, which allows everyone to express their thoughts whenever they wants, in a blog or a comment. For example, a senior lecturer in academia, with an excellent reputation, can discover that one negative review from a student, or a comment made on an article that was published, climb to the top of the page and put their reputation in harm’s way.

Similarly, it is common knowledge that today, everyone searches for everyone on Google, before making contact with them; thus, negative comments on Google can influence one’s acceptance into a new job, business partnerships, academic career, personal relationships, and more.

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What Can You Do?

The eBrand staff has a great deal of experience in handling this issue by creating maximum control over your reputation on the internet and marginalizing negative reviews. The reputation management campaign for private individuals is based on the use of positive content about you and your activities, with the goal of strengthening your true reputation, using websites, social media, and many other creative ways to ensure that the reputation that represents you, does so faithfully.

eBrand Reputation Management Services for Individuals

We can help you improve your reputation on the internet, as we have already done and continue to do today for our many clients, in a variety of ways:

Negative reviews marginalization

Removal of documents

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Content creation

Search engine optimization

Website development

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