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In such a complex and sensitive field like online reputation management, eBrand views transparency as an important and necessary ingredient in every campaign.

Transparency is especially necessary given the fact that reputation management includes within it technical elements that are not clearly understood by the average customer. Moreover, since these activities have influence on search results, it is important that the customer be included in understanding the proceedings.

Our Transparency in Reputation Management

eBrand’s transparency is expressed, first and foremost, in the sending of detailed reports, which include a viewing and analysis of the campaign—from a list of items and links that were created, to a daily list of search results according to defined expressions (based on neutral tools). In addition, eBrand’s staff members are in regular contact with their customers and update them following any significant change during the activity.

The Constructed Assets Remain the Customer’s Sole Property

As opposed to other service providers in the field, the infrastructure that we build for the customer in managing their reputation (independent websites, profiles, and the content in them) remain forever under the customer’s ownership—even when our relationship ends.

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Why should you choose eBrand?



Detailed campaign reports

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Constant contact with the customer and regular updates

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Infrastructure is owned by the customer

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Do you want to get more details about the service?

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