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eBrand was the first in Israel to offer online reputation management and the marginalization of negative feedback from search results as commercial services.

In 2008, Maor Kaplanski, the CEO of eBrand, opened a blog on the subject of “personal branding on the internet,” an innovative concept at the time and a field that was still in its infancy during the period before Facebook. The blog, which focused on the influence of our image and reputation, and which appears after our name (or the name of our business) in Google search results, accelerated quickly. The subject led to great interest among the media.

Following this interest, the commercial potential concealed in this service was revealed, to manage the way that people related to brands appear in search results. This potential led to the creation of eBrand (in mid 2008), initially as a project in an external internet company and soon after as an independent and separate business (and the only one in Israel at the time) that focused on this service).

Our Vast Experience

Experience provides eBrand with a significant advantage in comparison to its competitors, given that the field is dynamic and subject to change, and that one can’t develop without operating with it on a daily and on-going basis, while handling a variety of different customers and projects. As opposed to others, we are able to present, clearly and transparently, dozens of successful projects that we carried out over the years.

Why Should You Choose eBrand?

First in Israel in the field of reputation management
We serve customers from a variety of fields
Dozens of successful projects over the years

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