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Every internet campaign, particularly online reputation management, requires vigorous, expansive activity across the web and the use of a variety of strategies and internet platforms. eBrand uses only clean, legitimate activities, and by implementing creative, challenging paths it builds a reputation based on your company’s truthful, positive activity, or your activity as an individual—in every field.

Why is clean, legitimate activity important?

In order for Google search results to work to the benefit of your reputation or that of your company, you have to understand the search engine and the parameters according to which it works. Although no one knows how Google’s algorithms work, eBrand has vast experience in advancing websites in search results, and thus we are able to offer you a variety of strategies that allow us to create effective campaigns without utilizing illegitimate tactics, such as hacking external computers, BlackHat promotion, or distributing spam.

Not Spam

Why Should You Choose eBrand?

First in Israel in the field of reputation management
We serve customers from a variety of fields
Dozens of successful projects over the years

It is important to remember that illegitimate activity, through which unoriginal, duplicated, or spam content is used, is generally illegal, and is not effective in Google search results. Google is a very sophisticated and complicated search engine, but unfortunately it is still vulnerable to manipulations following actions that can be defined as “unnatural.” We know how to identify these manipulations, and we generally prefer not to use them, but rather to find better and more legitimate alternatives.

With us you will get fair, direct, and professional service, and you will be able to take control of search results related to you on Google by presenting your positive reputation faithfully.

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