How To Remove Negative Reviews From

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The Internet has done some wonderful things for businesses. Still, one drawback of using the Internet it that the Internet also serves as a new platform for complaints through third-party websites. Instead consumers send their claims directly to the business or try to whitewash the issue with the business executives; they can simply complain anonymously at complaint websites.

The situation may be even worse. Many of the rewiews websites do not even try to validate the claims against the business, or even verify that the writer is really his client. Some sites are putting pressure on you to pay for a “removal service” or to extort funds from certain businesses.

Among those sites, the site gets a lot of negative attention. Quite a lot of customers turn to us following negative mentions, that come up high on Google (in many cases – for no wrongdoing).

So, if one day you also wrote your name or business name on Google, and suddenly found negative information about you on, you should understand a few things before contacting us. Moreover, in recent years, As we have noticed in many international projects we manage, the power of this site has decreased, and Google no longer always displays this site on the first page of search results.

How does work?
If you want to write a complaint, send an email to After checking that the text does not violate the terms of use, the claim is made public. In theory, complaints should be published after verifying that the email address is genuine. Still, there are complaints that the site skips this step and even fabricates reviews.

How seriously do customers take
This is an open question. Of course, the anonymous nature of the site and his content will keep some readers away, but customers who are unaware of the dubious nature of the site, may take it seriously. Depending on the consumer audience of your business, the impact of can range from nothing to catastrophe.

Delete bad reviews from search results
There are reports that removed reviews when contacting the site. If you decide to take this step, here’s what you need to do:

Your email must be polite and stick to the facts
– Explain why the complaint is misleading or baseless.
– Explain what steps have been taken to resolve the issue.
– Processing your application may take several days.

Please note that does not respond to requests over the weekend.

Push down reviews
If the removal tactics have not worked for you, the best option is to repress the complaint through a reputation management campaign service. This means creating positive content about your business, that will rate higher and push down the results of out of the search.

How does it help?
Research has shown that surfers only look at the first results of search engines, and only a few go beyond that to the second page. Pushing down a negative review from the front page is almost as good as deleting the review from

Need an online reputation management campaign for you or your business? Contact us today, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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