Google: “Over 70 Million Reviews Were Deleted In 2019″

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In honor of the Google Maps platform birthday celebrations, Google occasionally reveals interesting data and glimpses behind the scenes of the app we all use.

This time, Google reports how it fought and still fights against fake reviews, fictitious profiles, and idle reports. Google has decided to show how it maintains a high and reliable level of content by surfers and users of the app – “our user’s community makes Google reviews a more useful tool for everyday decisions, whether you’re looking for the best burrito in a new city or looking for a mechanic vehicle in your neighborhood. “

In doing so, Google wants to control and be a partner in every action we take and decide to take – from restaurant selection to search for a garage.

With the end of 2019, Google presents exciting data about the number of reports, reviews, and opinions that users have written and communicated in the app. Every day, Google receives about 20 million reviews and opinions about businesses that appear on the maps. By yearly, that’s more than 7 billion comments!

Moreover, Google technology team reports:

  • Remove more than 75 million policy violations reviews
  • Remove 4 million fake business profiles thanks to artificial intelligence and automated detection model enhancements, which include blocking content that violates policies.
  • Over 580,000 reviews and 258,000 business profiles reported, and they had been reviewed and removed.
  • Review and delete over 10 million images and 3 million videos that violate content policies.
  • More than 475,000 user accounts have been disabled.

Google says that “With people’s donations, we’ve built a really helpful map that not only gets you from point A to point B, but also helps you to find the right places and experiences for you, whether you have to deal with last-minute gift shopping or order a pizza. “

According to Google’s announcement, you can see that the maps app is one of the most significant growth engines for the company. Google plans to introduce new features in the coming year, with an emphasis on Google My Business.

We are at eBrand, offer the famously and well-known opinion management service. It is also important to indicate that all our activities are authentic, genuine, professional, and do not use bots or fake profiles.

As you can see, Google has specialized tools to detect unusual or unreal activity. So, to manage those reviews and reviews, professional knowledge with experience in creating and managing business pages is very required.

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