Google Doesn’t Publish Reviews on GMB following the Coronavirus

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The coronavirus crisis is hitting hard all over the world, and as a result of the situation, a number of changes can also be seen in the online world. After Netflix agreed to the Ministry of Communication’s request to reduce viewing quality, there is now another unusual change.

In a rather surprising (or not, given the situation) move, Google has introduced quite extensive restrictions on its Google My Business and Google Reviews services. The most significant restriction is that reviews will no longer be posted on Google My Business business profiles.

At this time, users will still be able to post their own reviews, but those reviews will not be visible to the public. It is not yet known whether they will be visible after Google removes the restriction.

In addition, Google does not allow business owners to reply to old reviews. Since no reviews are posted, this option is clearly less important for businesses at this time. This is also the case in terms of editing existing reviews.

Another significant change is that the Questions and Answers feature has been removed from the profiles altogether. This means that existing Questions and Answers will not be visible, and that users will not be able to post new questions.

Although there has been no official announcement, one can also expect restrictions or delays when registering businesses (which are not related to healthcare and pharma), as well as when editing business information. We will continue to update our home page with additional details relating to the implications of Google My Business restrictions and changes, as we have religiously done until now.

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